Spearopelli Artwork


ARE YOU OR YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER A DIVER WITH EVERYTHING?  Not anymore!  Our unique 3-dimensional “Spearopelli” art pieces are the most sought after diving related must-haves in decades.  Each piece is cut with the finest detail, and hand buffed and colored to ensure no two pieces are the same.  The “Spearopelli” with speargun and white seabass is the logo of NHT Divers, and now you can own one too!  We’ve learned that the spirit of freedive spearfishermen often mirrors the attitude and symbolism of the ancient Kokopelli figure.  Our logo represents the metamorphosis that happens when Kokopelli meets the sea!


Standard “Spearopellis” are approximately 40” by 19” and come with a welded hanging bracket on the back.  Larger pieces are made to order.  Please email us to discuss possibilities for your own custom “Spearopelli.” 

Price for standard size “Spearopelli” :  $189.99 plus shipping and handling.

Custom size
Larger, custom sizes are also available.

NEW FOR 2006!  GIFT-SIZED SPEAROPELLIS  28" X 13".  These affordable smaller art pieces make the perfect gift for your favorite dive buddy.  $129.99 + shipping. 

We currently have inventory of small and standard sized Spearopellis, and can make custom larger pieces to order.


Kokopelli has been a source of wonder throughout the country for centuries and is worshipped by many Native American tribes in the Southwestern United States.  Kokopelli dates back over 3,000 years ago, when the first petroglyphs were carved.  As a fertility symbol, the legendary Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and agriculture, and is also depicted as a roving minstrel or trader, rain priest, hunting magician, story-teller, healer,  trickster, and seducer of maidens.

His name means "koko" for wood and "pilau" for hump   Kokopelli brings us happiness, fertility and long life.  The hump on his back is said to be full of seeds, which are scattered over the earth to bring new crops.  The flute being a phallic symbolism, some have called him the "Cassanova of the Cliff Dwellers."  In a Winnebago variation of the legend, he possessed a detachable penis he would float downstream which, undetected, would impregnate the maidens bathing in the river.  In other legends, he would bring the Spring, his flute music warming the earth and causing the villagers to dance the night away.  In the morning, the crops would be sprouting, and all the women would be pregnant.  In all, his music is thought to bring joy, a regeneration of life, and gaiety.