NHT Divers, Inc. is the initial business venture of three ocean-loving brothers from Santa Barbara, California, Nicolas, Hunter, and Trevor Lum.   The "Lum Boys 3" all enjoy surfing, diving, cooking, and picking wild gourmet mushrooms.  During the weekends they can often be found frolicking at Campus Point in Santa Barbara, diving at the Channel Islands, or up in the hills looking for chanterelle, porcini, portabella, morel or oyster mushrooms.

Having a passion for the prolific coastal waters, the boys have a goal of both responsibly harvesting local seafood, while ensuring sustained availability of tasty sea life for future generations.  Accordingly, a portion of their profits go to charities supporting the long-term sustainability of marine life.


NHT Belt Bags™
Widely utilized by experienced lobster freedivers, NHT Belt Bags are the most effective storage tool for collecting lobsters, abalone, fish, scallops, clams, crabs, sea shells, and other treasures found in the ocean.  It’s streamlined design reduces the “catchiness” of these bags on eel grass and kelp.   More...

Watch the NHT Belt Bag video


Bryan Dinkins Wood Carvings
NHT Divers is the exclusive agent for Bryan Dinkins wood carvings.  Please contact us to discuss your custom orders and arrange a meeting with this talented artist.  Serious inquiries only, please!  More...


Philosophy and Conduct
We at NHT Belt Bags support the conservation and responsible harvest of marine life.  A portion of the proceeds from each product goes to charitable organizations dedicated to protecting and enhancing the marine environment. 

Nicolas, Hunter & Trevor Lum
Nicolas, Hunter and Trevor Lum — the NHT Divers!




CONTACT:   lumboys3@yahoo.com